“Million Dollar Listings'” Michael Lorber to Sell in NYC–and the Main Line Awaits

Lorber-ApartmentIn November of last year the rumor was that Michael Lorber, one of the stars of Season 1 of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York, visited our area to check out houses for sale on the Main Line as investment properties.

A Curbed Philly tipster pointed to one house in particular, 853 Mount Pleasant Road in Bryn Mawr, that set his heart to beating, but he didn’t end up buying it.

We do know, however, that Lorber has just listed his 1,861-square-foot Manhattan condo for $2.79 million, a little bump from the $1.73 million he paid in 2004. The one-bedroom unit in the Grand Beekman, which was built in 1902 based on a design by Costas Kondylis. Where is Lorber going next? Well, he has a house in Palm Beach, but he’s sure to miss the East Coast. Our guess? The Main Line, of course. Michael, even if you’re not welcome on Bravo, you’re certainly welcome here.

Michael Lorber asks $2.8M for his Grand Beekman pad [The Real Deal]