Retired or No, Georges Perrier Is Still Selling His Very Beautiful House

Chef Georges Perrier has been in the news this week, with an assertion from his publicist that he’s retired to news soon thereafter that he’ll be filling in as head chef at Mica Restaurant from May 7th through May 11.

Michael Klein had this to say about Perrier’s retirement:

“Retired”? Perhaps it’s more like a forced retirement, if what I have heard is true. Perrier’s investors – tired of losses – asked him to step aside.

It’s true that Perrier’s financial well-being has been gossiped about for some time, and it didn’t help matters when, last year, an ad on Craigslist popped up for an estate sale at his home:

Craiglist ad for estate sale at Georges Perrier's home.

Craiglist ad for estate sale at Georges Perrier’s home.

“Copper pots (chef style)”? “Cooking equipment”? “Golf clubs”? What pathos.

We don’t know who bought the copper pots, but his five-bedroom, 9,000-square-foot house, now priced at $2.1 million, is still for sale. It has a Joanne Hudson kitchen with Wolf appliances, a 2,000+ bottle wine cellar, five fireplaces, an in-ground pool, an acre of gardens, and indoor/outdoor sound system…the list goes on. The current asking price is a sweet reduction from one year ago, when it was priced at $2.5 million.