Hottest Philadelphia City Neighborhoods: Washington Square West

Philadelphia’s Magazine April 2013 issue featured the Philly area’s hottest neighborhoods, and it should come as no shock that Washington Square West–or Wash West, if you’re cool–makes the list of the city ’hoods.

The neighborhood encompasses what’s variously known as the Gayborhood or Midtown Village, but goes well beyond that, with warrens of cobblestone streets, funky neighborhood stores, and terrific restaurants and bars. Thanks in large part to the late Tony Goldman and neighborhood advocates Marcie Tunney and Valerie Safran, 13th Street is truly hopping. With one of the most active neighborhood associations in the city, the area bounded by the east side of Seventh Street, the north side of Chestnut Street, the east side of Broad Street and the north side of South Street is a homebuyer’s dream.

For specifics regarding house prices and the rest, go here.