Mystery Real Estate: Andorra House With a Secret Zen Room

From the outside, this five-bedroom home in Andorra looks rather normal. The front seems like a regular home. In back there’s a pool, a deck and a large backyard, which also speaks of conventional family fun–you know, Fourth of July barbecues and such. There’s a two-car garage, a kitchen island with a granite countertop–there might as well be a white picket fence. But take a look into the hall closet behind the coats.


There, in Narnia-like fashion, you’ll find stairs to a secret room–a “Zen” room. Why is it called a Zen room? Well, there’s a poster of a Buddha, for one thing. There are mats on the floor instead of the hardwood floors you’ll find throughout the rest of the house. There’s an Asian-style hanging lamp thing. It looks peaceful, doesn’t it?

Despite its Zen beginnings, the next owner can use the secret room for anything–we get a yoga class feeling, even if it’s just a class of one (always the least humiliating way to do yoga).

The home is priced at $475,000 and is an estimated 3,148 square feet.