Which Is the Least Violent Neighborhood in Philadelphia County?

That would be West Mt. Airy, according to the what Technically Philly’s Juliana Reyes calls the Inquirer’s “beautiful” crime app. “In the last 30 days, West Mt. Airy has been the most peaceful neighborhood in the city. That is to say, its violent crime rate clocks in at zero,” wrote Reyes today. So which neighborhood had the most violent crimes?

That would be Fairhill, which had the highest number of crimes in the categories of Homicide, Rape, Robbery and Assault.

The crime map also sorts by property crime, in which case West Mt. Airy gets a bit more vulnerable. In that case, Oak Lane/East Oak Lane is safest and Northern Liberties/Fishtown have the highest rate of Burglary, Theft and Auto theft/damage as initially reported to police.

The map goes deep into these crimes, delving as far as individual addresses, and can be sorted by population number, type of crime, or neighborhood. But beyond that, it provides neighborhood demographics, historical crime figures and can be searched with different variables. It’s easy to use and the interface is, indeed, beautiful. And it will soon be behind a paywall, which stinks. Someone’s gotta pay the journalists, I guess.

Use this beautiful Inquirer crime map tool before it goes behind paywall