Believe It or Not: 51 Percent of Couples Love Their In-Laws

Plus other interesting stats from a recent survey of engaged and newly married couples.

At some point in the history of weddings and marriage, the concept of in-laws took on a negative connotation. Blame it on movies that dramatize family relationships or the fact that uniting two families is bound to come with a few legitimate challenges, but we’ve been made to believe that it’s rare for a person to have a good relationship with their in-laws—and that’s simply not the case.

The wedding registry site Zola recently spoke to 650 engaged and just-married couples and found that 51 percent of them (54 percent of engaged couples and 48 percent of newly married ones) love their in-laws just as much as their own parents. The question was included in a survey about the holiday season and how couples split their time between each of their families. Here’s what else they found:

  • 88 percent of couples spent the holidays together before marriage; of these couples, 70 percent celebrated together within the first year of a relationship and 17 percent within the first two months of dating.
  • 83 percent of couples split the holidays 50/50 between their family and their S.O.’s family.
    • 60 percent alternate by holiday, spending Thanksgiving with one side and Christmas/Hanukkah with the other side.
    • 15 percent alternate by year and spend the whole holiday season with one side of the family.
    • 13 percent of couples plan to host the holidays for both sides of the family.
  • Only 4 percent of all couples said they need to have an emergency exit strategy in place should their in-laws drive them crazy.

Have you and your S.O. discussed how you’re going to spend the holidays this year?

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