8 Secret Islands in Italy That are Perfect for Your Honeymoon

Hi, beautiful Lipari. iStockphoto.com/Flavio Vallenari

Hi, beautiful Lipari. iStockphoto.com/Flavio Vallenari

I’m generally one of those people who will alway prefer to travel somewhere new rather than revisit a place I’ve already been, but when it comes to Italy, I’ll gladly make an exception (I’m half Italian, after all).

At 16 years old I had the great fortune of spending over a week in the gorgeous country, frolicking from town to town with a chaperoned group of other high school students who were way too young and way too naive to truly appreciate such an incredible opportunity. Needless to say the adult version of me is due for a revisit.

When I do eventually make my way back to Italy, I’ll likely skip the touristy spots and head straight for one of these eight little-known Italian islands, which I think we can all agree would make for pretty fantastic honeymoon spots, too.

Quiet, private, and incredibly romantic, these under-the-radar destinations are destined to be a part of your post-nuptial getaway. Whether you choose to sunbath on the rocks in Salina, scooter around Favignana or take a dip in the famous mud baths in Vulcano, an incredible vacation awaits you on any one of these islands.

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