And Here Are a Couple of Grandmas Being the Cutest Flower Girls Ever

A bride in Lancaster County had both of her grandmothers as flower girls on her wedding day.

Last summer, I discovered a photo snapped by Julie Melton of Sweetwater Portraits of a lovely bride with her lovely bridesmaids—one of whom was the bride’s grandmother!

Post squealing, I immediately featured it in PW’s Picture of the Week post that week, and soon after that, the photo went viral, getting picked up by the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed and a slew of other outlets. Safe to say we weren’t the only ones who found grandmas playing a part in the bridal party to be the most wonderful thing ever.

Well here’s one I haven’t seen before: Grandmas as flower girls! I mean, please look:

Can you even? Because I cannot even. These two ladies—both grandmothers of the bride—were the flower girls for their granddaughter Maggie Wakefield’s wedding to Josh, right near here in Gap, Lancaster County. Grandmas Drue and Joyce, respectively, were at Maggie’s side on her Big Day, tossing petals, dancing till the end of the night, and generally being the coolest grandmothers ever.

We love it. Take a look at more photos here.

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