6 Items You Do Not Need to Register For, According to Bon Appétit

iStockphoto/Aleksel Lazukov

iStockphoto/Aleksel Lazukov

If you are anything like me, your commute home is spent drooling on your smartphone as you scroll through Bon Appétit‘s Facebook page, deciding which of their suggested dinners you should try to concoct that night. They know what they’re talking about when it comes to recipes—and, when it comes to the equipment you need to put them together.

So I was quite curious when this particular headline popped up on my daily BA check: 6 Kitchen Tools Your Wedding Registry Doesn’t Need. Now, you might recall back in March when I shared the Food Network’s 10 registry musts—and my very married-two-months sage advice on each of their suggestions—and so here, I thought I’d go ahead and do the same with Bon Appétit‘s:

1. Didn’t register for one of these. Want one. On board with this.

2. Confession: I, like many ladies, finally felt like a Bride once I a) registered for this, b) received it at my shower, and c) placed it proudly on the counter in my kitchen. In five months, I have never used it. I have, however, used many, many times the electric hand mixer I already owned. (But so help me—and my husband—I will never remove it from my counter. It’s awesome.)

3. I considered registering for one of these, but in the end I went for this. It works great for my life right now, and I feel like it probably will for a while. I figure I can get a biggie when my life calls for a biggie.

4. People who live without toaster ovens are people that I do not understand.

5. Like the KitchenAid mixer, I felt like a real Big Girl when I received and then started cooking with a set of high-quality stainless steel pots and pans. I had watched Ina and Giada do it for about a decade, and while it does take some getting used to (they definitely handle differently than the non-stick stuff), I really do love them, and know that they will last forever. Sign up for these.

6. I now have two ice buckets: this one that my friend gave me at our engagement party and this one that I registered for. And I’m so glad my friend nabbed me that one, because I have used both! Sometimes just one or the other will do—or sometimes, I’ll fill the big guy with bottles and the little guy with actual ice. I kinda feel like this is something that if you have it, you’ll use it.

This completes today’s registry-picks analysis. Please feel free to chime in below—and we’ve gathered some other helpful links on this topic for your perusal.

What item on your registry are you most excited to use one day?

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