PW Reader Ring: Anna Marie & Joseph!

Anna's ring!

Anna’s ring!

The couple: Anna Marie Cifelli and Joseph Maglio, from South Philly.

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut diamond set on a platinum band. Since we first met, we always talked about getting married, but before we got engaged, he had started asking questions about what style ring I liked, what size ring I wore, and so on.

I would often tag him on Lauren B Jewelry Instagram account, because I always thought their rings were stunning! So with help of the guys at DeSimone Jewelers on Jewelers’ Row and a picture from Lauren B’s Instagram, they created my ring! I still look down at it everyday and I am just in awe!

The proposal: His proposal was perfect—well, almost! We live in South Philly, and we always have New Years Day party at my house. About an hour into the party everyone, everyone started rushing outside and I could hear my fiancé calling my name to come outside, too. I also thought I heard him say there was a string band playing outside.

Well sure enough, there was! Our family and friends—all 120 of us—were outside watching the band play, and a little strutting happened of course! And then it happened: He got down on one knee, and I was shaking! It couldn’t be anymore perfect!

Except: Rewind back to 9am that morning when we were laying in bed watching the New Years Parade on PHL17, and Steve Highsmith congratulated us both on our engagement, right there on live television. We both looked at each other. He turned white. He played dumb, and said someone must be pranking us—and of course, I led him to believe I believed that.

This is all so exciting and I still want someone to pinch me because I feel like I’m dreaming!

The bands: As far as the wedding band, we most likely are going to go back to DeSimone, because they did a wonderful job! Right now I’m liking the idea of two bands, one for each side, probably in the same style as the band of my engagement ring.

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