All Hail Philadelphia’s Blizzard Bride

All last week—or, especially, I should say, towards the end of the week, when it became clear that this Jonas thing was actually going to happen—the thing that I thought most about, other than how filled my snack drawer was, of course, was all the couples whose wedding day would be disturbed by the feet of powder falling from the sky. It was a fear I had harbored for a long time, what with my wintery New Year’s Eve wedding date—picturesque snow was very welcome, I would tell people, just not meddlesome snow—and here was a whole weekend worth of getting-hitched couples having to actually live it.

Well, one Philly couple successfully pulled it off—and I smiled as I saw the pictures on various news outlets throughout the weekend:

While we all dug into our second roll of cookie dough on Saturday afternoon, Christen Donovan walked down the aisle towards Jeff Regan at St. John the Evangelist Church just a block from Philadelphia’s City Hall. Action News says that the snow did not keep too many guests away, which also made me smile. (As did her seriously pretty white coat.)

Here’s hoping that the reception, too, went off without too many hitches, that the couple’s vendors were able show up with their flowers and food and cameras and dancing tunes, and that their honeymoon flight, if they had one, managed to get out and take this couple somewhere warm. {Update: We’ve heard from the bride’s mother, Charlene, that they did! She says that many of their vendors—among them Spark Photography, Strangers Band, the Crystal Tea Room, and Coupe Florist made arrangements to be downtown on Friday to be sure to be there!}

They didn’t let something they couldn’t control get them down, they kept their eyes on the prize, smiling all the way—the bride herself said that the thing she was most excited for that day was just to get married—and for that, too, we wish them a million congratulations.

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