PHOTOS: 10 Darling Dress Hangers We Love From Etsy

We love the floral design on this custom hanger.

We love the floral design on this custom hanger.

More often than not, every wedding gallery we see begins with the same photo: a shot of the bride’s gorgeous white dress hanging on a pretty little hanger. It’s one of those classic Big Day snapshots that every photographer makes a point of capturing, and it’s a lovely way of showcasing the gown in all its glory, right before the bride-to-be slips into it for the last time.

These days though, the dress isn’t the only star of those styled shots—brides are getting fancy with the hangers, too. Personalized hangers—usually with the bride’s new married name painted on or fashioned out of wire—are definitely among the most popular, though we’re also loving the floral, sequined and vintage options that are out there.

Etsy, of course, has plenty of lovely ones to choose from, which means you’ll want to scoop one up for yourself and each of your ‘maids. We pulled together a few of our favorites from the thousands of choices; let us know if you find one you love.

 Check out more of our Etsy finds here.

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