Here We Go Again: Season Three of Married at First Sight Starts Tonight

After the first season of Married at First Sight, I was addicted, and pumped for the second. That season only served to confirm, however, that I would never feel the same way about any other randomly betrothed people as I did about Jamie and Doug and Courtney and Jason—and indeed, with the way that one turned out, I wasn’t even so sure about watching the third.

But the third season is here now, readers, and so tonight, you and I must both make a decision: Will we watch, or will we cling to the rosy hue still left with us from season one?

Sigh. I’ll watch.

This season takes place in Atlanta, and I will do my best to watch it with an open heart and mind. Here’s a breakdown of the players this time around—and below, a quick clip. Flip to FYI at 9pm, I’ll see ya there. {Fingers crossed.}

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