YES: Here’s a Season-Two Sneak Peek of ‘Married at First Sight’

YOU GUYS. I am so exited. It’s almost time for the next season of Married at First Sight!

I watched last season—the first one—expecting it to be among the most ridiculous of forays into reality television that I had ever taken, and in a way, it was. I mean, people meet at the altar minutes before becoming legally wed and then move in together like everything is normal. But it wasn’t in that I didn’t hate watch it—I loved it to the point of having real feelings and real tears and real breakdown sessions with my coworkers the following mornings. (Here is a bit about the premise, by the way, in case you aren’t already a superfan like me.)

And now, the second season is upon us:

(And here, actually, is another one that shows a few more clips from the first episode!)

I can’t imagine becoming as devoted to these new couples as I was to Jamie and Doug and Courtney and Jason (Monique and Vaughn just were never going to work), but I, my couch, and my bottle of wine are certain willing to try.

It starts next Tuesday, March 17th at 9pm on FYI (an A&E network, so check your guide).

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