5 Favorite Things With Liz Scarlett, Owner of Old City Registry Boutique Scarlett Alley

Liz Scarlett

Liz Scarlett

Liz Scarlett and her mother Marykay first opened their Old City boutique, Scarlett Alley, 22 years ago. Their goal was to create a “gift gallery,” as Liz calls it, that offers creative gifts and everyday items with artistic flair, and that’s exactly what the shop has become—Scarlett Alley is stocked with an ever-changing inventory of unique home goods, jewelry and accessories.

They’ve got quite the wedding section, too, which is why Scarlett Alley is now a go-to for engaged couples who want to skip the big box stores and register at a local boutique instead. After a toast with Liz (champagne, beer or coffee, depending on the time of day!), she’ll help you get started on building your registry, so that when you and your to-be set up your home, you’ll be all covered.

For our latest edition of 5 Favorite Things, we chatted with Liz about the items every couple needs on their registry and her best piece of advice for people who just don’t know where to start. Here’s what she had to say:

Favorite item in the store that every couple should zap Well, it has to be our custom wedding bowl and/or nesting set. I’ve had very few couples who did not register for it—and now comes in modern grey.

Favorite piece of advice for couples who don’t know where to start with their registry I say to usually start with the dishes. First, we see what line or look hits them, and then we get specific: What dinner plate do you want to eat off of every night? (Most couples don’t do formal china anymore, just beautiful pieces they will use for both everyday and company.) It’s then pretty easy to build on the dinner plate—we can start getting creative, and mix in different colors and styles.

Favorite item from your own wedding registry that you still actually use My orange-handled flatware from Sabre—and my wood steak knives, too.

Favorite line and/or designer that Scarlett Alley carries Yala bamboo sheets and bedding. They’re satiny smooth and crisp and cozy at the same time. I love their silk fleece blanket.

Favorite thing couples should register for but often don’t think to Go ahead and choose something outrageous or extravagant that you know you’ll always have and that will be really fun to use. A set of fancy grapefruit spoons if you guys love brunch and having people over for it. Or oyster forks, or a fancy deviled egg holder, or special holiday decor. Whatever will be special to you in the years to come.

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