Best Wedding Photobomb Ever: Oblivious Lady Sunbathes While Couple Says Their Vows Nearby

Is it too early to declare this the best thing I’ll see all week?

There are many genres of photobombs in the wedding world—animal, drunk guy and celeb bombs, of course, being among the favorites—but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a photobomb genre funnier than when someone simply doesn’t care that a wedding is going on around them, and opts not, thank you very much, to be interrupted while living their life.

This past weekend we were met with just such a someone in the form of a sunbather on a Nantucket beach. Behold:

Photo via Imgur

Photo via Imgur

This lady was there first, if you don’t mind, and there she will lay despite your wedding—the culmination of your love and life—going on around her. Can’t you see she’s got last weekend’s lines to take care of? Be gone with your joy and celebration.

{h/t: Cosmo}

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