Here’s Why It’s Okay to Skip the Bouquet and Garter Toss

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In this day and age, when there really are no rules when it comes to planning your ideal Big Day, it seems like more and more couples are doing away with some of the classic wedding traditions that were once standard (we’re looking at you, receiving lines), but now, to some, feel a little outdated.

The bouquet and garter tosses in particular are two traditions we’re no longer seeing at a ton of weddings, and we’re in agreement with all of the experts who say if the tradition has no meaning to you—or worse, if it makes you cringe, feel free to nix it.

If you’re up in the air over whether or not to have a bouquet and garter toss at your reception, here are four reasons why it’s perfectly okay to skip it. Plus, you’ll also find a few alternatives that’ll make your day special without any of your personal items flying through the air.

Tell us: Do you plan on having a bouquet and garter toss at your wedding?

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