PW Reader Ring: Kathleen & John!

Kathleen's ring!

Kathleen’s ring!

The couple: Kathleen Beyer and John Politsky from Moorestown.

The ring: My ring is the Tacor Dantela ring in white gold with a round brilliant stone in the center with diamonds all around it.

John picked out the ring. I told him once that I loved the designs of the brand Tacori for their vintage look, but that he didn’t have to get the brand, just that I loved all the styles. (I had gone and looked and showed my best friend what I liked, then she secretly contacted him and said she’d help him if he wanted.)

He got the ring from Golden Nugget in Philly. They are so great there.

The proposal: I was definitely thrown off guard. We had been dating for two years and had just bought a house, so I figured it was coming, but I had no idea when. I knew he was saving up because he wanted to get me something nice, and thought that maybe on our dating anniversary in January he would do it, but when that came and went I figured it would be another occasion.

Instead, he threw me off and did it a week later after the first big snowfall. I ruined his first idea! I usually wake up late on Saturday mornings, and he takes the dogs out. He was going to pour champagne and make breakfast. Of course it was the one day I popped out of bed hungry and wanting to go to breakfast. So when we came back I was putting things away and he was gathering our dogs in the room and lighting a fire. I asked him to come help me with something, but he told me to come there.

When I got to the room he said him and the doggies needed to ask me something, and he took my hand and lead me to the couch—and then got down on one knee and proposed. Then he told me about how he went and asked my mom—and that since my father had died four years ago and it’s been really hard for me, he wrote my father a letter and went to his gravesite to read it. That meant everything to me. I have a very special guy.

The band: He had such a great experience at Golden Nugget that he took me back to meet the woman who helped him, so while we were there, we looked at bands. The band I’m going to get matches the band on the engagement ring, but goes all around. It’s beautiful!

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