Ask the Expert: Is There an Age Limit for Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids?



Question: I’d love to have my young niece play a role in my wedding, but she seems a bit too old to be a flower girl. Is there a cut off age where a girl should no longer be a flower girl and instead be a junior bridesmaid? And at what point does a junior bridesmaid become a real one?

Answer: If we’re talking traditional wedding etiquette, a flower girl is typically between the ages of three and eight and a junior bridesmaid is between the ages of nine and fifteen, says local wedding planner Chrissy Lehman of Truly You Events. But, with that being said, “the etiquette police will not be on your invite list, and when it comes to deciding whether a young niece or friend should be a flower girl, junior bridesmaid or bridesmaid, it’s all about landing on the role that makes everyone most comfortable.”

Lehman recommends that couples talk with the parents of children and young adults being considered for a special role within the bridal party to figure out what works best for everyone. “If you think that your 16-year-old niece will feel most comfortable as a junior bridesmaid after discussing it with her and her parents, we would encourage you to invite her to participate in that capacity,” she says. “Like all parts of wedding planning, communication goes a very long way.”

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