20 Photos That’ll Inspire Fun Wedding-Day Pics With Your Bridal Party

Don’t worry, readers—we are not about to come atcha with another round of bridesmaid-butt photos. What we have here instead is a round of real-wedding pics that should give you some ideas for fun, funny, sweet photos to take with your bridesmaids—and for grooms to take with their dudes.

HuffPo rounded up a bunch of shots showing couples engaging in funny poses or situations with their bridal party—and while I do find a few of them to be a little contrived and/or cheesy, a bunch of them are fantastic (I love the black-and-white version of the shots above included in the roundup; that’s female friendship and giddiness, captured!), and I just love the feeling behind them in general. Your wedding day should be an extremely fun and joyous day, and besides the person with whom you are tying the knot, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are who you spend the majority of the time celebrating that with. How awesome to take a second to capture that.

So flip through ’em , and if you find any you love, make sure to tell your photographer you want to grab a few special moments with your ladies or dudes on your wedding day. We have a feeling they’ll end up framed in your home right alongside the serious, touching portraits of you and your love.

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