Picture of the Week: Love Letters

Proof that these two have loved each other since eighth grade.

Photo by Sweetwater Portraits

Photo by Sweetwater Portraits

From photographer Julie Melton of Sweetwater Portraits:

When Mike and Alysa were in eighth grade, their teacher had them write letters to their “future selves,” which she then mailed to them one year later. As you can see, Alysa wrote “I love Mike Zirilli!” in more than one place on her letter.

Once Alysa and Mike were engaged and starting to plan their lives together (they reunited at a school reunion, and five years later, Mike proposed), Alysa’s mother asked her to clean out her childhood bedroom, and she found her letter.

Alysa kept this discovery a secret and waited until their wedding day to show Mike. I snapped this shot before she put on her dress that morning. A little later, as Mike turned and took in the sight of Alysa in her wedding gown, and she read him the letter—a young girl confessing her love 25 years earlier—well, it was amazing. Just amazing. He threw his head back and laughed in disbelief, and then cried and then I think we were all crying.

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