The 10 Best (and Worst!) Things About Married Sex



Whether it was via the crumpled old Cosmo you read in the waiting room before your last doctor’s appointment, your married girlfriends, or an offhanded comment your mom made that you wish to God you hadn’t actually heard, chances are, you have heard a little bit about what’s in your future when it comes to sex after you’re married. How it changes, how it evolves, how it goes away and comes back again and then peaks.

And while it’s hard to beat the stuff your girlfriends will tell you after their third glass of pinot, we couldn’t help but think that these two HuffPo reads—both on the glories and mysteries and annoyances of married sex—were well worth a read for those of you sitting there thinking, Well, how much could I really not know? 

From how hilarious it can be when a sex blooper occurs with someone you’re so comfortable with to how easy it is to fall into (unimaginative) habits and a (boring) routine, these lists of best things about married sex—and the worst—should give you plenty of things to think about. (Or, you know, to ask your girls about after you feed them some more wine.)

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