Experts: It’s Super Duper Important To Talk About Sex Before Marriage

Experts: It's Super Duper Important To Talk About Sex Before Marriage


We like to remind our brides from time to time that mixed in with all the talks you and your to-be will have about the actual wedding itself—like, literally, the five-hour party that will celebrate your tying of the knot—you should also try your darndest to fit in some talks about that other thing coming up: marriage.

So when we saw this article on CNN today, we knew we had to share, because it talks about a particular topic that actually begs discussion just as much as anything else—finance, careers, where you’ll live, splitting up of the home duties—in your marital future: sex.

In it, experts insist that whether or not you’re having it before marriage, and whether or not it’s out-of-this-world fantastic at this very given moment, you’ve still got it hash it all out: not just preferences and expectations, but hypothetical scenarios (and no, they’re not talking about role-playing, there), communication, and problem solving. They also suggest that some form of pre-marital counseling is an excellent way to go about this, if you and your partner just aren’t sure where to start.

You know, other than the bedroom.

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