Here’s a Florist Incorporating Marijuana Into Brides’ Bouquets and Grooms’ Boutonnieres

With Philly's recent moves towards decriminalizing pot, how long until we see such a service offered here?



Soon after the state became the first in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational use, Colorado resident Bec Koop, who is both a florist and a “bud tendress” at a local dispensary, decided to combine both of her passions, and launch a new wedding service through her shop, Bec’s Blossoms: Buds & Blossoms.

Through this service, engaged couples can arrange with Bec to have marijuana incorporated into their wedding-day floral arrangements—bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, you name it—with the idea that they will then “enjoy” that very pot either during or at the conclusion of their day—or on their first anniversary; they’ll smoke their wedding-day buds, and eat the frozen top tier of their cake. (She’ll even provide non-floral wedding favors, and takes into consideration what strains of cannabis would be best for different points of the celebration: “Sativa is like a cup of coffee – it picks you up and makes you feel euphoric – so I’d give that at the beginning. Indica helps you relax, so I’d put a little indica chocolate in your party favour bag for afterwards.”) And because Colorado has been experiencing high amounts of marijuana tourism in 2014, she’s had clients come from all over come to her home state to tie the knot, Bec’s bud-scattered arrangements in hand.

Well hey, we already know that research shows couples who smoke marijuana have healthier marriages and less instances of domestic conflict, so in a state where marital bonding via a shared joint has the government’s blessing, this doesn’t seem particularly surprising. And who knows—with Mayor Nutter’s recent signing of the marijuana decriminalization bill here in Philly just last week, Pennsylvania’s serious consideration of a medical marijuana bill, and more and more arguments that in the end, the promise of bajillions of dollars will inevitably mean all the states (including ours) will eventually follow suit, we can’t help but wonder: How long until we see a few Philly florists with their own version of smokable wedding-day blooms?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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