Wait. So Is This Blake Lively’s Wedding Dress? 



There has been much talk of actress Blake Lively’s new lifestyle website Preserve this week (if you’re anything like us, you have spent many a lunch hour enjoying the various, um, assessments of it), and something fun has certainly come out of all of it: a possible glimpse at her wedding dress!

People has very nicely not only told us at which point during the head-scratching intro video the custom Marchesa appears—they’ve also grabbed the still, and turned it into a GIF. (Which is fitting, considering they were the only people to show us her ring in the days after Lively and Ryan Reynold’s secret wedding—which remains to this day one of my most favorite engagement rings ever.)

If you remember, the stars’ wedding was famously featured in Martha Stewart Weddings—though the couple themselves did not appear, save for a shot of their held hands, and about a one-foot swath of said dress. So this is something, I guess.

Image: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

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