And Now We Have Some Wedding Photos Featuring the Bride, the Groom—and a Tornado 

Not even a month ago, we showed you photos of a couple whose wedding ended up taking place so close to a wildfire in Oregon that they—well, first, they had to get out of dodge before it got way too close—got a few gasp-inducing but seriously awesome shots with the flames and smoke in the background.

Now we bring you the story of a Canadian couple whose wedding ended up taking place basically in front of a tornado. Behold:


Their photog, Colleen Niska, posted a bunch of these shots on her Facebook page; you can see the tornado there, just casually lurking in the background like a drunk wedding guest, twirling around and making the party all about them.

I don’t know, kids: July 7th and already two rounds of wedding photos in front of natural disasters this summer? What’s the third one going to be? All the ones I’m coming up with off the top of my head—hurricane, flood, earthquake—strike me as even harder, possibly, to get away from than a wildfire or tornado. The photos are cool, to be sure—but here’s hoping this doesn’t become another questionable wedding-photo trend.

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