Give Your Photographer This List of Awesome Dress Shots

Don't forget the walk away shot! (Shutterstock)

Don’t forget the “walk away” shot! (Shutterstock)

Sure, savvy brides-to-be probably have seen the “hanger shot” – that staple wedding photo of your dress hanging gracefully in a doorway or over a window or in front of the closet. But, how about the “veil lift” or the “fussing bridesmaids” or any of these 23 great dress shots that FabSugar rounded up?

We love the idea of making sure that amazing gown gets its fair share of time in the spotlight. So go on and scope them out. Or print the list, circle your must-haves and ship it off to your photographer, if you please.

(Our fave? Hands down, #11 – where your groom picks you up for a smooch. So cute!)

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