Ask the Expert: Do We Need to Make a Wedding Website If It’s Not a Destination Wedding?



Question: I know that wedding websites are really helpful when you’re having a destination or out-of-town wedding, but if we’re getting married here in Philly, do we really need to spend the time and/or money on making a wedding website?

Answer: “A wedding website in this digital age is not a “necessity” but certainly makes getting the word out much easier,” says Melissa Brannon, who owns wedding planning and event design company Uncommon Events in Philly. Whether your wedding is local or in a foreign country, she says, a wedding website is a valuable and handy tool—one that 99 percent of her brides use today, with some of them even taking it a step further and creating their own app! “It gives you the ability to share all of your information, and update it as needed, so that it’s always current.”

If you opt out of creating a wedding website, she says, a tight community of friends and family can help you spread around the information by mouth. Or, you go the old-fashioned paper route: “A ‘details’ card in your mailing is also a terrific option.”

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