Two Couples Got Engaged Last Night on Jimmy Kimmel’s Skype Scavenger Hunt and It Was Super Cute

I don’t know if you are familiar with Jimmy Kimmel‘s little segment Skype Scavenger Hunt, but it is really always pretty funny. Two different viewers Skype into the show—sometimes it’s just two people, sometimes it’s two families, sometimes, like last night, it’s two couples—and then he commands them to go and grab from their houses all sorts of completely random (and sometimes embarrassing) stuff and produce it for the camera and the millions of people watching. Hilarity ensues.

A lot of times, these hunts are themed, and what with today being Valentine’s Day and all, he was having them go grab things that pertained to their relationship. (One funny one was something that they hate, but that their partner loves.) At one point, he told them to all go grab something that their partner was not aware they had, and one dude from each couple (one couple was a guy and a girl, the other, two guys) went and grabbed: an engagement ring!

Please enjoy the adorableness below:

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