Video: Dude Proposes to Girlfriend While Scuba Diving; Girlfriend Promptly Chokes

Maybe don't surprise people when they're breathing out of a tube.

I’m all for the element of surprise (and an unusual setting!) in proposals, but maybe, sometimes—like, I don’t know, when the girl is using a tube in her mouth to breathe while deeply submerged in open water—the element of surprise should probably be suspended so that the person doesn’t drown.

In the video below, you will see a British couple scuba diving for the first time while on vacation in Turkey. He pulls out a sign asking her to marry him just before the guide (thank goodness there’s a guide) hands her a sign that says yes (apparently, on both sides, ha), which she kinda sort holds up to her boyfriend before more urgently turning back to the guide, to make him aware that she is choking as her mask fills with water. Because the thing is, boyfriend, when you are surprised, you gasp, and that is not something that comes highly recommended in scuba diving.

Thankfully, the guide was able to fix her up, and she was able to put on the ring before they went back up to the boat where she no doubt punched/hugged her new groom.

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