PHOTO: Couple Gets Married at SeaWorld With 250 Penguins In Attendance

Photo by Jason Collier/SeaWorld Orlando via Reddit.

Photo by Jason Collier/SeaWorld Orlando via Reddit.

In 2012, explorers (did you even realize there were people who were explorers?) Jeff Rawson and Susanne Grieve were both in Antarctica working for the New Zealand government when they met and fell in love.

And this past Friday, they tied the knot in the very environment where it all started: 32-degree, snowy weather, with some 250 penguins looking on in their black-tie finery. (Obviously, there was going to be a tuxedo joke. What do you want from me?)

They did it at SeaWorld Orlando’s Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin to commemorate the special place where their relationship developed into what it is now, the bride told their local Orlando news:

“Antarctica is such a beautiful and intense environment. When you experience that with someone, the bond you create is rare. Having our wedding here at SeaWorld in this realm that so perfectly captures the essence of the continent brought me right back to the day Jeff and I met,” said the bride, Susanne Grieve.

It’s pretty cute—and I can’t help but think that the peeps at SeaWorld were thinking the same thing, given the not-cute light they’ve been seen in recently with all the Blackfish backlash. For more cuteness, here are a few more photos.

{Unrelated side note: There is a LIVE STREAM OF PENGUINS 24/7. That’s all.}

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