10 Pre-Wedding Nighttime Beauty Tips for Brides

They beautify while you sleep.



We were reading these nighttime beauty tricks from Lauren Conrad this morning on Refinery29 (I’m not sure if this has been happening for a while or if it’s a new thing, but apparently, the reality-turned-lifestyle-guru now has a weekly column on the site) and mulling over which ones we were going to try, when we realized: these are just about perfect for brides!

They’re all the types of little beauty fixes that, as you continue to do them, make a real difference, so they’re exactly the types of things brides can be doing in the weeks and months leading up to their Big Day to amp up all the little things they’d like to amp up before their walk down the aisle. (See: whiten teeth, lengthen lashes, repair damaged hair.)

Even better, several of them are pretty perfect for starting now in this horrid cold (I swear, this will be the winter I invest in a humidifier!) so that you’re all fresh for spring when (sigh; if?) it rolls around. One of my girlfriends from high school slathers her hair in a deep conditioner and dons a shower cap before going to bed every once in a while, and she never seems to have winter hair.

Let’s all get on it.

What other nighttime beauty rituals do you have that make a real difference? Share with the class in the comments! 

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