Don’t Have These 5 Wedding-Day Regrets

Recent brides spill about the thing they regret most about their weddings.



I think that hearing from ladies who have gotten married before you—especially recent brides—has got to be among some of the best advice a bride-to-be can get. And I especially think that’s true when it comes to things you shouldn’t do—which unfortunately means for the advising bride that it’s probably something she regrets doing.

This is true when it comes to paying for extras that you didn’t really need; for making a stink about something that wasn’t really worth making a stink over; for wishing you could redo a decision-making process—for so many things. And the more that you hear them, the more perspective I think you’ll have when it comes to how you approach your own Big Day. And because of that, we here at PW will always try to help push this kind of advice under our readers’ noses!

And these five here—real brides revealing their biggest regrets about their wedding days—are all great things to point out. I have most definitely been a broken record on all of them, even just for my own girlfriends at their weddings. Take heed. You’ll be glad you did.

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