VIDEO: Adorable Flash Mob Proposal Goes Down in Home Depot

Both myself and my colleagues over at G Philly were squealing about this today, and so we’d like to invite you to squeal, as well. (Note: If you do not tend to squeal over flash-mob proposals, well, I don’t usually, either. But every once in a while, one comes along that is darling, and I do think you’ll agree with me that this one fits.)

The Home Depot in question is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and clueless Dustin thinks he’s there to help his roommate grab some new lighting. When he runs into an aisle filled with his friends and family, though—who eventually break out into song and dance—he begins to realize something’s up. Then his boyfriend Spencer pops up, and as G Philly’s Josh says, what happens next is a “big ol’ heap of adorable.”

Watch it here:

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