Some Backstory On the Viral T-rex Wedding Photo

We’re guessing there’s a good chance that yesterday, you caught wind of the most recent wedding photo to go completely viral—you know, the one with the T-rex chasing a terrified bridal party? (This one.) Just one of those things that could not possibly be more random, but somehow, is awesome.

Well today, we’ve gotten a little more background on the couple, the photographer, and this particular snapshot—though hilariously, there isn’t an interview with the couple available just yet, because they are, apparently, on a honeymoon so secluded that they don’t even know this thing has gone viral. (So says Today, who’s also got a few “normal” wedding portraits of the couple.) Oh, the irony.

Photographer Quinn Miller told HuffPo that in order for the photo to work, he needed to see real fear from the couple and their bridal party—”not lame faces”—and that since the groom has some sort of affinity for dinosaurs, it didn’t take any convincing for the couple to say yes to this little trick.

Here’s hoping this one ends up on their mantel some day.

Are you and your groom planning any crazy, posed shots on your wedding day?

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