Don’t Forget These 10 Things On Your Wedding Day

Don't Forget These 10 Things On Your Wedding Day


Saw this helpful list today on the 10 things nearly every bride forgets on her wedding day, and, much like the 12 mistakes we hope to help you avoid, wanted to share this with the same intentions: Make yourself a list! And then share that list with other people, that your bride brain the morning of your wedding is not the only brain responsible for making sure these things come along.

A few thoughts to add to theirs:

1. In my experience, rings get forgotten when it’s a boy who’s in charge of bringing them! Last summer I attended such a wedding, and it was not discovered that the Ring Boy (aka the best man) had left the rings back at the groom’s house until the priest literally asked for them. That was a bizarre little intermission, let me tell you, while one of the other groomsmen hightailed it back to grab them. The bride kinda laughs about it now, but maybe better to have someone who’s not doing shots with the groom before the ceremony be in charge of the rings.

2. Beauty supplies? Why, we’re glad you brought this up. Everything you need that day—23 of them, to be exact—should be in your bridal emergency kit.

3. A veteran wedding planner once identified to me the lack of a back-up boutonniere for the groom at most weddings to be one of her pet peeves.

4. Good idea. If you haven’t spent the night before in your bridal suite, this would be an easy thing to not think about.

5. Yep. These flats come in a ton of colors, including lots of blues.

6. Here’s a refresher on tipping your vendors.

7. Totally. And eat! Do not let champagne be the only thing in your belly on your wedding day, for reals.

8. Yes. And unless you want your wedding getaway car to resemble Shelby and Jackson’s in Steel Magnolias, either trust the person decorating the car, or make sure you approve of it before you actually go out to step into it.

9. Basically impossible to remember if you’re leaving the morning after your wedding, but really good idea.

10. Yes! Totally! Most important thing on this list.

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