Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: Tux-Buying and To-Do Lists

Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: Tux-Buying and To-Do Lists

Pat in his Hugo Boss wedding tux!

Just under three months to go until the wedding, and I am both completely ecstatic—ardently wishing the day would just get here already—and rather nervous and fearful of how we’re going to accomplish everything on our seemingly interminable planning list. Over the weekend, however, we tallied some important check marks.

All of the groomsmen will be wearing Vera Wang Black tuxedos from Men’s Wearhouse. We reserved the rentals, and now, we just have to hope the boys don’t forget to get their measurements taken (the email with very specific instructions has been sent!). The rental comes with the tux jacket, pants, shirt, cufflinks, bowtie, shoes, and socks—a pretty awesome deal that will hopefully eliminate any last-minute “But I only brought white socks,” “I only have a blue button-down,” and “I can’t wear my sneakers?” problems.

We also purchased Pat’s tux! We opted for the Hugo Boss slim-fit tuxedo from Bloomingdales, as we didn’t find anything else that really caught our eye. I feel like there’s surprisingly limited choices in tuxedos. But Pat looks really, really handsome in the Hugo Boss—it’s pretty fantastic. Plus, with the perks of registering at Bloomingdales, we were able to get a significant discount. And in addition to the menswear 30-percent discount, there’s also a 20-percent jewelry discount that comes with the registry that we were able to use for his cufflinks.

To cap it all off, we also purchased his bowtie—which we’re both really excited about. Pat wears a suit and tie every day to work; the tuxedo and bow tie makes it feel special—and it’s just a really sharp, attractive, and classic. And the finishing touch: shoes. While certainly not something you can get a ton of wears out of, tuxedo shoes are pretty fun! Love the old-school shine, and they dress-up the whole look.

So we accomplished two big tasks over the weekend. Now it’s on to everything else: Dress fitting number one is scheduled; menu tasting’s coming up in two weeks; floral-mock-up is next week; we’re setting up a meeting with our band to go over the timeline; I’m on the hunt for jewelry for both my bridesmaids and myself; working on further mapping out our ceremony; we still need to settle on a honeymoon destination and book it; and still need to finalize the guest count in order to send out the invitations.

And according to my online profile, I have 116 more to-dos on my checklist to complete—which, you know, is super comforting. What’s even better is that apparently we’ve only accomplished 61 items on the checklist, when it feels like we’ve moved mountains to get to where we are.

Oh well, I feel like we’ve gotten a ton done, especially over last weekend. And I’m just eager for the day to arrive!

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in wedding to-do lists?

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