Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Celebrating Eric’s Birthday—And Us!

Remembering our first date.

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Celebrating Eric’s Birthday—And Us!

Kristy and Eric last year at their engagement party.

Eric celebrated his birthday this past week, and finally turned my age. Every year, I endure six months of grueling comments such as, “Meet my older fiancé,” or the constant reminder that I’m “robbing the cradle.” Even though he never lets me forget it, it is, after all, this humor and fun-loving spirit that stole my heart nearly nine years ago, and in celebrating Eric’s birthday, I’m reminded of all the birthdays we’ve spent together and the journey that has led us here today.

Nearing the end of our freshman year in college, my sister and Eric’s brother set us up on a date. We had tickets to a concert at the Electric Factory to see Something Corporate and Yellowcard. I remember the first time I saw him—he had an endearing smile and a look that I couldn’t get out of my mind. He stole my heart from day one and every day since then. It’s moments like these that help on the stressful days of wedding planning and that remind us of the love that has brought us to our upcoming wedding.

It almost seems second nature that the bride usually takes the lead in planning the wedding, and I’ll admit it’s true in our case. When I approach Eric to discuss flowers, he gets a glazed-over look in his eyes similar to the one I probably get during a conversation about golf. But he’s supportive, will give an opinion when he has one, and better than anything else, he has been by my side during the entire process (and yes this includes wedding-magazine browsing). So, when people tell you to “enjoy your engagement,” make sure you take the time to do this, and remember that your love and commitment to each other is the basis of what you’ll have for years to come. I am so happy to have found my soul mate; a man that makes me a better woman.

So, happy birthday E, you are my sunshine in the morning and you warm my heart on the coldest of days. You make sure I’m always confident and smiling and I’ll do the same for you during our life together.

What were some special things you and your fiance celebrated during wedding planning?

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