Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: My Bridal Shower (With Pics!)

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: My Bridal Shower (With Pics!)

Kristy at her bridal shower.

“I will not let winter storm Nemo snow on my bridal shower!” I exclaimed a few Wednesday nights ago at the end of the weather report. I had trouble taking this storm seriously, and kept envisioning a cute little snow storm with one bad fin, swimming up the east coast and leaving us with just a minor snow covering. I may have even enjoyed it if my shower was in Philadelphia, but it was in North Jersey, and we weren’t dealing with a Disney/Pixar character, we were dealing with a blizzard.

Months after Eric and I got engaged, some friends of his mom’s approached us about having a bridal shower in North Jersey. In the absence of Eric’s mom, they still wanted to shower us with love and joy before our wedding. We happily agreed and the planning began.

Two wonderful and loving ladies, Linda and her daughter, Jackie, headed the planning and worked with us on setting the right date. With two little babies on the way (Eric’s sister-in-law and my sister are both expecting) it was difficult to squeeze a date in the coming months, but we settled on February 9th, and thankfully, Linda suggested a snow day for February 10th. Thursday night I got a call from Linda asking what we should do about the shower and the approaching storm, and we decided to postpone it until Sunday. And it’s good we did, because Saturday morning North Jersey woke up to 16 inches of snow, and as we drove up from Philadelphia, everyone was still working on shoveling out.

The rest of the shower went off with a hitch! Eric accompanied me at the beginning of the shower, greeting and introducing me to many of his mom’s friends that he had known since he was a kid. Even with the postponed date, the turnout was amazing and in typical Northeast fashion all the ladies came bearing a smile under layers of coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. Everyone was so friendly and they did what Eric’s mom would have done—spoiled us with presents and love.

Jackie is super crafty and made me an apron (in our wedding colors!) and all the ladies filled out ‘words of wisdom’ hearts to fill my coordinated oven mitt (how cute)! We had a homemade, stunning, and delicious cake decorated in grey and yellow chevron print made by another friend. After feasting, we had a quick Q&A about me and Eric just to get everyone up to speed with our life and wedding plans, and then we started opening presents. One of my favorite things was the favor: Mrs. D’s (Eric’s mom) famous chocolate chip cookies nestled in chevron print bags with the recipe included.

The day was absolutely beautiful, I was filled with so much love, gratitude, and happiness from all the kindness shared throughout the day. Even in the absence of a mother-in-law to be, I couldn’t have felt more loved and excited for our upcoming wedding.

The cake!

Kristy's new handmade apron.

The "words of wisdom" hearts shower guests filled out for Kristy.

Kristy, Lisa, who hosted the shower, and Eric.

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