Ladies, Just Do All The Housework Yourself And You Won’t Get Divorced, Says Study

Ladies, Just Do All The Housework Yourself And You Won't Get Divorced, Says Study


I heard this on the news over the weekend and gave it a hmm: A new Norwegian study, reports the Telegraph, finds that in households where men share an equal amount of the household chores, divorce rates are higher. Conversely, in households where the woman just takes care of it all, it appears that everyone lives happily ever after.

Jezebel has some thoughts on this subject, as does the Atlantic Wire. And, I mean, while it might be easy to momentarily imagine that in a house where a woman just does it all herself, there are no squabbles, as everything is done in a timely and efficient (read: it’s just done right) manner, mostly, we are going to go ahead and declare this study to sound a little silly.

What do you think? Do you think sharing of the household chores results/would result in less fights or more fights? Have you guys found an arrangement that works really well for you?

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