5 Solutions To 5 Bridal Beauty Disasters


Five things that could go wrong beauty-wise on your wedding day, we say? We bet you can already come up with the first (zit!)—but how about the puffy eyes you might wake up with from crying at the touching speeches at your rehearsal dinner the night before (not to mention being awake with excitement all night), and the smudged makeup your bridesmaid points out in the middle of the reception after you’ve kissed 300 people and shed a few more tears?

In this piece by Sarah Dakar, beauty director at Sonya Dakar, she takes you through, step by step, how to fix each and every one of the most common Big Day beauty blunders. We feel like it’s maybe worth printing out handing over to your MOH, and asking her to make sure everything she mentions is readily available at your fingertips the day you say “I do.”

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