Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Two Weeks Left!

Kathleen's DIY escort-card display.

Ok, I’m making my lists and checking them twice—well, more like two hundred times. With exactly two weeks to go, my mind is racing a mile a minute. There are so many little things left to do, and barely enough time to get them done.

This weekend we will be running around dropping things off with our florist, the baker and the caterer—along with making some pit stops to find myself some sort of jewelry to wear for the Big Day. Yeah, you heard me. I haven’t found that stuff yet. Oh, and all of the things I just listed will take place on Saturday. Sunday will be spent putting together welcome bags, working on the escort card display, getting pictures developed, purchasing supplies for the welcome bags and taking care of my other weekend chores of house cleaning and making sure we both have clean underwear for the following week. Where has all the time gone?

Although this weekend is going to be jam packed with barely a minute to breathe, I am really hoping my buttons arrive in time for me to actually be able to work on the escort card display. I am making a corkboard display in which all of the names will be tacked up using these cute fabric covered buttons (which I am making from scratch; pictured). I made a few testers and it all seemed to be pretty easy (famous last words)! I just love the look of the corkboard with the little neat pushpins, I just hope it all comes together!

Would love any don’t-lose-your-mind tips you’ve got for these next two weeks!


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