ASK THE EXPERT: How Do I Figure Out How Many Hotel Rooms to Block for Our Guests?


Q: How do I figure out how many rooms to block for my guests the night of the wedding? Our guest list is set, but I haven’t sent out invitations yet.

A: Without a list of RSVPs to guide you, planning hotel accommodations can often prove to be a challenge. Luckily, Octavia Watson, who coordinates wedding blocks at Center City’s Hotel Palomar, has a strategy that doesn’t require a fixed guest list. “Start by tallying up all the out-of-town guests and divide the number by half, given that most attendees will share a room a a couple or family,” she says. And you might even want to ask around to your in-town friends, to try and gauge who of them might opt to spend the night close to the party. While it’s too early to calculate an exact number, this estimate will allow you to get a jump on securing an allotment of rooms at the hotel.

Watson also recommends that couples arrange two separate wedding blocks—one at a higher-end hotel (perhaps the one where the reception is taking place) and the other at a lower price point, says Watson. Giving your guests the option of different room rates makes your Big Day affordable for everyone attending.


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