New Wedding App Automatically Uploads Your Guests’ Pictures

Which could be good, or bad, we're thinking.


You know the thing at weddings where the bride and groom have deposited disposable cameras on all the tables so as to collect pictures from the perspective of their guests? (If you’ll remember, Monica and Chandler did that at their wedding, then Chandler failed in his duty to collect them and put them somewhere safe, so he and Ross had to crash another wedding at the venue and take a bunch of fake ones.)

Oh, how times have changed! There is now Wedding Snap.

This new app works like this: When your guests arrive at your wedding, they’ll be given a little card that requests that they download the free app, with a unique ID code for your wedding. Once they do, a copy of every pic they take through the app that night will be automatically uploaded to an online album. If they don’t have a smartphone or don’t download the app, they can still just upload their camera pictures to the site later on. It’ll cost couples anywhere from $99-$200 for the service.

If you are thinking to yourself, “Oh, how fun! What a good idea!” followed shortly by, “Eee, that could be dangerous,” then we are right there with you. Such a cool idea. Such potential for scariness.

Brides! Would you do this for your wedding?

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