Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Why I Can’t Have The Wedding Cake I Want

Well … my dreams of a “naked cake” have just literally been smashed in my face.

I never would have thought news about a wedding cake would ruin my day, but sadly, it has. One of the first decisions I made when setting out on this whole wedding-planning journey, was that the cake would be one of those “naked” cakes—which is basically just a cake without the outer frosting (like the one pictured here). I sent the pictures on to our contact from the caterer, and for months, I thought we were good to go on the cake front.

Well, apparently since then, the baker has done a bit more research on this type of cake, and recently came to the conclusion that they highly recommend not doing the naked cake for a June wedding. Heart breaking news for me—Christian, on the other hand, isn’t as disappointed. “It’s just a cake, we’ll figure it out,” he says. But for me, it wasn’t really about the cake. It was about having that one twist on something standard that would make a big difference. Of course, I am glad the baker told me it wasn’t going to work—but at the same time, I can’t help being bitter.

My brain is on overload right now. We really didn’t want a traditional wedding cake, and now I have to add another decision to my list. Do I settle and just say OK to the standard buttercreamed three-tiered cake? Or do I torture myself with finding another unique alternative? We don’t have the type of funds to arrange a huge dessert display, so I’m freaking out a bit.

Am I being a little Bridezilla-ish or is this something I should be a little sad about? Anyone have any cool ideas for wedding desserts that won’t kill our budget?