ASK THE EXPERT: Is It Bad To Put Expensive Things On My Registry?

Our expert weighs in.

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Q: I recently heard a friend griping about expensive items on another friend’s registry, and I thought, I have nice, pricey pots and pans and things on my registry—are people saying that about mine? I intend for these things to last decades, but was I not supposed to register for anything expensive because it’s rude to guests?

A: While it’s certainly a thoughtful gesture to take your guests’ finances into account when registering for gifts, Rita Brouwer-Ancher, general manager of Glenside’s Eventricity, reminds us: The definition of ‘expensive’ is different for each wedding guest, as we all have different budgets.” A set of copper cookware that might be outside a co-worker’s price range could seem just right to your wealthy Great-Aunt Ida.

That said, “The sensitive bridal couple will register for items in a range of prices. It allows guests to honor the bride and groom in a way that is a win/win for the couple and the guest.” Just make sure you leave a few big-ticket items on the list for Great-Aunt Ida.


This article originally appeared in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Philadelphia Wedding.


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