And, Of Course: There Is Now a Sh*t Brides Say Video

And you know what? It's pretty funny.

Well, it was bound to happen.

At this point, every one of you, no doubt, has seen at least one of the Sh*t (fill in the blank) Say videos that have been making the rounds for several weeks, now. Some of them are eh, some of them have better production than others, and, at least in our opinion, some of them are pretty damn funny. (We hold a special place in our hearts for the original Sh*t Girls Say, episodes 1 and 2. Apparently,guys really are listening when we talk.)

So we weren’t surprised—and were even kinda pumped—when we finally found a video dedicated to the wonderful, crazy, cliche-but-true things that brides say throughout the course of their Big Day planning. So watch. Enjoy. And then, please, ‘fess up: Which of these things (please list all that apply) have you uttered in the past 24 hours?

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