Bride-to-be Blogger Leslie: Waiting for RSVPs

Last week, we had an exciting moment in our wedding-planning history: We mailed our our invitations.

I’ve been working on our wedding invitations for a few months now — we ordered them from a seller on Etsy — and it was very exciting when everything came together and was finalized. I was ready to put those invitations in the mail and send them out to all our guests.

Now we are playing the waiting game — waiting for all the RSVPs to come back in the mail, and waiting to see who is and isn’t attending our wedding.

Initially, we got a bunch of RSVPs back early in the week, but then it has slowly thinned out since then. I’m hoping we get all the RSVPs back that we sent out, but I am sure there will be a few that we will have to track down ourselves — and that honestly annoys me a little.

Whenever I receive a wedding invitation, I immediately RSVP as to not keep the couple and the reception-planning process delayed. I am hoping all my friends and family will do the same! I feel that since we sent out our save-the-dates so long ago, people know whether they are attending or not  — so my feeling on that is: Just let us know what you are planning on doing — the sooner, the better!

Did you have issues with waiting on your RSVPs? Do you send back a wedding RSVP as soon as you receive it?

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