Bride-to-be Jennifer: Creating a Lasting Memory

I recently read fellow blogger Danielle’s posts about finding the right photographer. What she said was totally 100 percent true, and gave me a new outlook on my photographer search. Those images are what we will have to look back on. They’ll be our lasting memories of the day when the cake is eaten and the music stops. While budgets factors into every decision in this process, Anthony and I thought a lot about what we wanted in terms of photographers and recently met with three different companies to learn more about the process and find the right fit for us.

First, we met with Rich and Mary Ellen Meyer Photography. They’ve been doing this for years, as was evidenced by their professionalism and the way they structured our meeting. Anthony and I were very comfortable when we were welcomed into their home to view albums and talk about the different packages they offer. We liked that they work together — so we get two photographers right off the bat. Also, they gave us a lot of freedom with planning the day and did not talk about hourly rates. They would be ours for the day. They shoot a range of posed and candid shots and all of their albums were beautiful. After our almost two-hour meeting, Anthony and I left very happy with what we learned from them, but wanted to meet with a couple of other people to be able to make some comparisons.

Our second meeting was with a consultant for a larger company. Off the bat, I wasn’t as comfortable, because we were not meeting the photographer, but a representative of the company. They also had competitive packages but we would not meet our photographer until a month before the wedding. With a lot of other details to worry about, I did not want to have to find a new photographer if we didn’t click with the person we were assigned. Anthony and I preferred the personal approach that Mary Ellen and Rich offered.

Our third meeting was with one photographer who also had competitive rates but whose organization was not as spot-on as Mary Ellen and Rich. Throughout his “presentation” he was backtracking to things that were forgotten. We left this meeting unimpressed. Days later I received a follow-up e-mail from photographer number three and the web address he included in the e-mail was not linked correctly to his photography site. I don’t mean to be a stickler for these kinds of oversights, but if there is an attribute I am looking for in a photographer, it is attention to detail.

At the end of the search, it turns out the first gut instinct was right and we called the Meyers right away. We were also pleased that they’ve worked at our ceremony/reception site before and even offered some ideas about where on the grounds we could get the best pictures.

My advice to anyone beginning this process is to make sure you are comfortable with whomever you choose. Also, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. The more people we met with, the more prepared we were each time. They are the experts.

What sorts of things were you looking for in your photographer? Did it take meeting with a bunch before finding the right one?

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