South Philly Is Changing

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The Italian Market in South Philly. Photograph by
Michelle Gustafson

It’s our most famous neighborhood — a place defined by its immigrants and its characters, by intermingling (sometimes clashing) cultures, and by near-constant change. Where does it go from here?

Can South Philly Hold On to What’s Always Made It Unique?

changing south philly

The rapidly changing South Philly. Photograph by Adam Englehart

As prices rise and coffee shops pop up, what will happen to Philly’s most famous neighborhood? Keep reading here.

Racial Discrimination Is the Legacy South Philly Can’t Seem to Outgrow

black in south philly

A snapshot of mid-century South Philly.

The land of Rocky has yet to deal with its history as a notoriously segregated place. Keep reading here.

A Brief Timeline of South Philly Through the Ages

south philly timeline

The Odunde Festival. Photograph by Tom Morton

From roaming buffalo and Dutch settlers through the first Odunde Festival and our restaurant boom. Keep reading here.

Where to Eat in South Philly: The Ultimate Guide

best restaurants south philadelphia italian market

South Philly Barbacoa | Photo by Jason Varney

South Philly has always been at the center of Philly’s restaurant scene. Here’s where to go for the best of everything below Washington Avenue. Keep reading here.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know South Philly?

south philly quiz

Photograph by Courtney Smyth/Visit Philadelphia

How well do you know the South’s quirky neighborhood trivia and traditions? Let’s find out. Take the quiz here.